So Many Agents. Which to choose?
The consumer has never had a wider choice of estate agents, not to mention the relatively recent addition of the online agent and so it can often prove a monumental task when deciding which estate agent to work with. Many consumers invite three or more agents out to their property and make their judgement based on the valuation price, the agents fee or if they bond with one of the agents. This is however a relatively flawed method of judging an agency in most situations.

Some agents have been known to overvalue property to get property on their books and the fee charged can often reflect the service level you receive. The agencies who provide the best service usually have higher costs such as additional staff levels to ensure their clients get the right levels of service, thus the lowest fee agent may struggle to provide the service levels that you may need. Lastly, judging an agency on which agent you bond with can be flawed as the person who comes to value your property is normally one part of a much larger team and they may not the person who deals with your property on a daily basis moving forward.