Highlighting Outstanding Agents
Our marketing pack includes everything required to increase the exposure of your agency and highlight your success in winning our award to potential clients. This includes a certificate, multiple printed marketing pieces, vinyl’s for your shop window displays and logo’s in different formats for use on emails, for sale boards, websites, printed publications, branded vehicles and more. In short, you will be able to highlight your excellence where it counts, to your local market.

Our award allows winning estate agents to separate themselves from the herd. In an ever-increasingly crowded marketplace, it is crucial to have points of difference and highlight your outstanding customer service. However with an ever more sceptical consumer, agents are not always taken at their word, thus our award can be used as an additional, independent point of difference to persuade potential clients that you may be the right agent to sell their home.

Winning our award can not only instil confidence in potential consumers, but it also acts as recognition for the hard work put in by your team. It is a known fact that people deal with people they like and consumers like happy people, thus a motivated and confident team can only help to increase the client base of your agency.